About *Gegurl-Store*

Gegurl-Store started when 2 bestfriend got an idea to create a visual shop while shopping as to share their passion of shopping with others. We sell only best quality of clothes as we ourselves hand-picked all the items. All of our products are in good condition and sell at very affordable price. Shop, shop, shop....till u drop!:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello everyone,
More stocks will be uploaded soon!
So do stay with us ya.
Thanx for supporting us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


PRICE: RM 38 (including postage)

Available in 6 colours:
JC 01: Dark Brown (SOLD OUT)
JC 02: Black (Available)
JC 03: Blue (SOLD OUT)
JC 04: Green (Available)
JC 05: Grey (Available)
JC 06: Red (Available)

Measurement(when laid flat):
Shoulder: 38.5cm
Chest: 43cm
Length: 48cm
Sleeve Length: 56.5cm

Size: FREE SIZE (fits S to L)


PRICE: RM 42 (including postage)

Available in 5 colours:
PL 01: Red (Available)
PL 02: Dark Purple (Sold Out)
PL 03: Turquoise (Sold Out)
PL 04: Maroon (Available)
PL 05: Light Purple (Sold Out)

Measurement(when laid flat):
Shoulder: 39.5cm
Chest: 46.5cm
Length: 70cm
Sleeve length: 56cm

Size: FREE SIZE (fits S to M)


PRICE: RM 46 (including postage)

Available in 4 colours:
ST 01: BLUE (available)
ST 02: GREEN (available)
ST 03: MAROON (available)
ST 04: PURPLE (available)

Measurement(when laid flat):
Shoulder: 37cm
Chest: 46.5cm
Length: 76.5cm
Sleeve length: 56cm

Size: FREE SIZE (fits S to M)